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​ COMMERCIAL PLOTS in logistics​ parks​​  ​​  

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​​​​ ​ ​The Logistics parks located in the Southern region of Qatar is one of the largest economic projects, as it covers three areas, Al-Wakra, Birkat Al Awame​r and Aba Saleel, and consists of 119 commercial plots that will serve the region in general and those who work therein in particular. These lands are distributed as fo​llows: Al-Wakra Logistic Park comprises 28 plots covering a surface of 237,790m2, Birkat Al Awamer Logistic Park comprises 89​ plots covering a surface of 175,578​ m2 and Aba Saleel Logistic Park comprises two plots covering a surface of 13,860 m2. The bid aims at providing opportunities to Qatari Investors in the private sector to contribute in the development of the commercial sector in All types of commercial shops such as banks, clinics, restaurants, barbar shops and beauty saloons, coffee shops, photography studios, fitness centers, retail shops (such as furniture, electronics, appliances, construction materials..etc)​, supermarkets and hypermarkets..etc by developing, building and managing the commercial buildings in a manner that guarantees the diversity of the investment, the involvement of the various types of investors and the provision of financial returns.